GuidepostsFor the Love of Louie, Guideposts, April 2015 (*collaborated with Tricia Montgomery)
Critical Care, Guideposts, November 2014
What Prayer Can Do, Guideposts, May 2014
Stronger Together, Guideposts, May 2014 (*collaborated with Jackie Surls)
A Different Kind of Hero, Guideposts, April 2014 (*collaborated with Sgt. Chloe Wells)
A Mom for Moses, Guideposts, September 2013
Mysterious Ways, Guideposts, August 2013
The Missing Ingredient, Guideposts, April 2013
Survey Says, Guideposts, January 2013 (*collaborated with Brandy Rankins)
Pawcircle, Guideposts, March 2011
Breakfast of Champions, Guideposts, Oct 2010
Test of Strength, Guideposts, May 2010 (*Collaborated with Russell Swan)
Hockey Mom, Guideposts, April 2010 (*Collaborated with Becky Rochford)
Farm Fresh, Guideposts, March 2010
Smile!, Guideposts, January 2010
A Favor for Joel, Guideposts, June 2009
The Doggy Diet, Guideposts, December 2008
Red Thumb, Guideposts, August 2008
Empty Nest Club, Guideposts, June 2008
Mother’s Day Reminder, Guideposts, May 2008
The Empty Nest Christmas, Guideposts, January 2008
Upstaged, Guideposts, October 2007 (*Collaborated with Bill Berloni)
Carin’ O’ the Green, Guideposts, March 2007
Bloom Where Planted, Guideposts, June 2006
Stocking Stuffer, Guideposts, December 2006
Santa Betty, Guideposts, January 2006

Mysterious Ways:

mysterious ways magazine coverHis Humorous Ways, Mysterious Ways, October 2014
A Ticket to Life, Mysterious Ways, October 2014 (*collaborated with Allen Anderson)




Angels on Earth:

Angels on EarthJust Perfect, Angels on Earth, May 2014
Making the Rounds, Angels on Earth, January/February 2014
To Jack in Heaven, Angels on Earth, September/October 2012
A Hymn for Me, Angels on Earth, May 2011
A Christmas Wind, Angels on Earth, Nov/Dec 2010
Pain free Prayer, Angels on Earth, Sept/Oct 2010
Plan C for Compromise, Angels on Earth, July/Aug 2010 (*Collaborated with Kate Fenner)
The Oil Man, Angels on Earth, March/April 2010
Message of the Falcon, Angels on Earth, March/April 2009
Valentine Angels, Angels on Earth, Jan/Feb 2009
Forever Pets, Angels on Earth, Nov/Dec 2007
Angel Quilt, Angels on Earth, Jan/Feb 2006

Chicken Soup for the Soul:

my_dogs_lifeLittle Sister for Hudson, Chicken Soup for the Soul My Dog’s Life, © 2011
Doggone Excuses, Chicken Soup for the Soul Shaping a New You, © 2010
M&Ms Addict, Chicken Soup for the Soul Shaping a New You, © 2010
Construction Paper Stars, Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Magic, © 2010
Full Circle and Never Alone, Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating People Who Make a Difference, © 2008
Gotcha! And I’m Glad, Chicken Soup Love Stories, © 2007
I’m Not Kate, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Celebrating Brothers and Sisters, © 2007
Little Sounds, Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul, © 2007
Beautiful Flower, Chicken Soup for Sisters II,© 2006
The Wrong School Bus, Chicken Soup for Kids II, ©2006
Empty Room, Empty Nest, Chicken Soup for Mothers and Daughters,© 2006
Phone Friend, Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul, © 2006
The Good Doctor, Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul, © 2006
Happy Camper, Chicken Soup for Kids II, © 2006

Other Books:

ultimate-dog-lover1Smile!, Guideposts’ The Joys of Christmas, © 2010
Standing at West Point, The Ultimate Mom, HCI Books © 2009
Happy Together, The Ultimate Dog Lover © 2008
The Too-Tall Christmas Tree and Wrapped with Love, The Ultimate Christmas © 2008
Bloom Where Planted and Through Rain and Hail, Miracles Every Day, © 2007
My Patty Pat, Miracles and Animals © 2007
Major Disappointment, Follow Your Dreams, Wisdom &Inspiration for Graduates, © 2007
Faith is the Key, Soul Matters for Mothers, © 2006
The Too-Tall Christmas Tree and Wrapped with Love, A Christmas Wonderland,© 2006
Miracle at the Cromwell Crown Hotel, Grace Givers,© 2006
The Windshield Wipers, Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracles,© 2006
Kelly, Pet Tails, Borders Books, © 2006

Other Magazines:

positive-thinking-jan-06Afraid of Buttons, Pockets, August 2008
Gotcha! And I’m Glad, Womans World, July 2008
Angel in the Water, Today’s Christian, March 2008
Mom’s on a Date and Don’t be Late, Children’s Writer, July 2007
Love Your Life/Becky Rochford, Positive Thinking, May 2006
Disarming Faith, Teaching Tolerance, January 2006
You Changed my Life Kelly, Positive Thinking, January 2006


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“Bloom Where Planted” “Message of the Falcon” “Angel in the Water” “Happy Together”
teaching-tolerance-jan-06 chicken-soup-dieters Guideposts magazine christmas-wonderland-larger
“Disarming Faith” “Phone Friend” “Empty Nest Christmas” “Wrapped with Love”