I was trying to think of my favorite cause for Blog the Change, and one of the things I care about most is how pets are treated. It turns my stomach and breaks my heart to read about careless, cruel and stupid some people who neglect and abuse animals. It doesn’t seem like too much to expect every dog (every living thing) to be treated kindly, humanely. I was going to write about animal abuse laws, anti-tethering laws, regulations on anti bark collars and other laws. Or, on the flip side, I was going to write about some of the many wonderful groups who help animals.

While all these are worthy, I thought instead, I really wanted to write about pet parents who help animals simply by treating them right. They don’t neglect or abuse them in any way. They don’t let their dogs run loose in the road. They don’t keep them outside all day in all types of weather. They don’t leave them in hot cars. In short, they are doing the right thing, not because there is a law ordering so, but because they care. Sometimes Being the Change starts right in your own home.

This is a tribute to the common pet parent, who loves their pet. And that is making the world a better place for animals.

32 Simple Things You Do that Matter to Dogs:

You adopt them.
Hug them.
Walk them.
Feed them,
But not too much.
You give them a comfortable bed.
Talk to them.
Listen to them.
Train them.
Teach them good manners.
You understand why they whine.
Understand why they bark.
Keep them warm in the winter.
Keep them cool in summer.
Dry their muddy feet.
You play with them.
Throw them a ball,
Or a Frisbee.
Try a play group.
You do your best to keep them safe
And healthy.
Cuddle with them.
Give them opportunities to explore.
Keep their minds active.
Visit the veterinarian.
You bathe them.
Trim their toenails.
Share your ice cream with them, once in a while.
Comfort them during a thunder storm.
Realize they need you.
Realize you need them.
You Love Them.
Love Them.