4 Fun and Easy DIY Crafts Ideas for Pets
GUEST POST by Paisley Hansen

Crafting things that pets or animals can enjoy is one of the simple pleasures in life. Here is a list of four craft ideas that almost anyone can do easily on a budget. Most of them require simply recycling the old materials laying around and turning them into fun and creative crafts. On a slightly cautionary note, if you craft things that your pet chews, especially dogs, make sure your scent is not on them. If your dog gets used to chewing things that smell like his/her master, then you’ll be sorry.

1) Milk Jug and Pine Needle Birdhouse

Time: 30 Minutes Ages: 6+ Supplies: Milk jug, Pine needles, Paint, Scissors

An old milk jug is a perfect home for a bird and a great way to recycle. Cut a hole in the side of the milk jug so that a bird can fit through. Then get creative and paint the milk jug to match the surroundings. Remember this is a pine needle bird feeder, so next you will want to gather lots of pine needles that you can use to cover the bird house with. The next step is to simply decorate the birdhouse with the pine needle you’ve collected to make it nice and home-y for a bird. Placed the bird feeder outside and add some food.

2) Personalized Pet Collar

Time: 30 Minutes Age: 5+ Supplies: Simple pet nylon collar, Dimensional paint, Embellishing bling, Craft glue, Scissors

Dimensional paint a.k.a. puff paint/puffy paint expands as it dries creating a pattern that is raised. It last for a very long time so it makes for a durable pet worthy paint. Take your dimensional paint and personalize it with your pets name. Once the paint dries embellish it with your stuff, like charms, beads, buttons, rhinestones, anything that bedazzles your pet collar. It is a simple and fun craft that the kids can enjoy.

3) Small Dog Sweater

Time: 30 minutes Age: 6+ Supplies: Old baby/toddler/adult sweater, Yarn, Embellishments, Scissors

The price for a dog sweater can be outrageous. Purchasing one outright might end up costing between $30 and $100 for a really cute sweater. Save yourself some money and make one from an old sweater you can get your hands on or have laying around. Cut the sweater at least 1 inch from the paws. Next sew the cut pieces on the arms up so they don’t unravel. Finally take some yarn and make a drawstring for the sweater so it doesn’t drag all over the ground.

4) Dish Towel Dog Toy

Time: 15 minutes Age: 4+ Supplies: Old dish towels, scissors

Ever wonder what to do with your old dishtowels? Why not make them into a really easy and durable dog toy. Cut three strips down the length of the towel and stop about an inch from the end. Braid the strips extremely tightly. Take the loose ends and tie them into knots. This method is great for a small dog, but for a bigger dog just repeat the same process with three larger towels, jeans or other durable material.

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert health, arts and crafts — especially fleece fabric. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book.

Thank you Paisley for joining us today and for these great tips. We’re looking forward to trying out some of these projects.

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