FitDog Friday- Had enough Winter? Here’s 5 Reasons why Pets Make Winter Better–and that includes keeping fit!

5 Positive Things About Pets and Winter

The joys of pets
combined with the wonder of the season.

Whether you love the invigorating temperatures and the snow-covered
wonderland or not, pets are sure to make this time of the year better. Here are
some reasons why it’s great to have a pet in the winter!

1. Winter Coat
Kelly has the perfect winter coat: flowing, luxurious
auburn fur that gets beautifully full during the long, cold months. Boy am I
envious! If your dog has short fur, she might appreciate a store-bought sweater
or coat, giving you a fun excuse to nurture your fashionista tendencies. Ike’s coat is not too thick, but he still enjoys getting outside for exercise even in the winter chill.
2. Entertainment
you missing dates with friends and other outings because it’s not as easy (or
compelling) to get out in the cold, messy weather? Never fear; your pet is the
perfect form of entertainment. Watching your cat swat at a string, your dog
chase its tail, or your hamster spin on its wheel will put a smile on your
face. Better yet, join in the fun and get some exercise yourself. (Well, except for that hamster wheel thing!)
3. Motivation
when it’s really cold, practically nothing can entice me outside. But seeing
Kelly and Ike staring at the door, begging for a walk, is the push I need. Taking your
dog for a stroll is healthy for both of you! And when the March weather is less than inspiring, let your pet inspire you!
4. Body Heat
one is my favorite. Kelly is known for perching on the back of the couch and
wrapping around my neck like a scarf. Ike prefers to sleep on my feet. So snuggle up with your dog (or cat) to
stay warm. Pure winter bliss!
5. Snowflakes
no better time to celebrate your pet’s individuality. Like snowflakes, each pet
is unique!
warm, have fun and enjoy your special pet this winter!

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