Wednesday I posted a column on 5 Reasons to Love a Cat. Today, in all fairness, I would like to share some of the reasons why I love dogs. And let’s hear from you, other dog people, and why you love your dog, too!

5 Reasons to Love a Dog

1. Dogs want nothing more than to spend time with you. Kelly follows me around the house. Even if I’ve gotten up and moved only a few feet away, she follows me, wanting to be right by my side. When I take the time to walk her or play with her, there is nothing she’d rather do.

2. Dogs generate great body heat. I love it when Kelly curls up beside me. I instantly feel her warmth spreading over to me, like a hug. And that translates into love.

3. Dogs forgive and forget. It doesn’t seem to matter if I was out all day, neglected to fill the food bowl, or accidentally stepped on her tail–Kelly forgives. She greets me enthusiastically when I finally come home, accepts the food happily whenever it’s presented, and turns around to lick my cheek even when she’s hurt.

4. Dogs are hysterical to watch when they play. Kelly can be such a klutz when she plays, banging into walls, tripping over her feet, and tumbling around like a spazzy acrobat. But she’s never embarrassed. She loves to have fun, to attack her playtoys with abandon.

5. Dogs bond. Kelly loves everyone in the family, but she especially bonds with me. She doesn’t want to experience life alone, but to share her days with me. I especially love it when I come home, and see her peeking out the front door window, waiting for me. It makes me feel like I was missed, and she seems to tell me that she’s happier when I’m around. I know I’m happier when she’s around!

Please leave a comment here and tell us why you love a dog!