Picking up after your dog–it’s polite, it’s our responsibility, it may be a little stinky, but it’s not so difficult. So now that we’ve established that it’s the right thing to do, next we may think about HOW we’re going to do it…moreover, what are the right tools for the job?

I never really thought too much about which poo bags we use or how those bags are dispensed, until I was asked to try out a clever and colorful little flexible hollow ball called Doggee.

The Doggee was created by Jaq Croft, an actress in the UK’s popular Hollyoaks soap opera. It’s very simple, really. And what I like best about it is that it comes in 6 bright, attractive colors. Keep reading to win one of your own!

Doggee actually solved a problem of mine. With the dispenser I formerly used, I had to thread the roll of bags onto a spool, screw on the cover, and then feed the first bag through a hole. Then, when I was ready to use a bag, I had to try to rip one bag from the roll. This was always a rather time-consuming production because the bags I used never wanted to rip easily, and in the winter I had to remove my gloves to get the job done, thus making a long and awkward time standing on the street corner while passersby gawked at my predicament. With Doggee, I ripped apart the bags and stuffed the holder in advance, thus allowing one bag to be quickly and easily dispensed at a time.

I was able to fit one roll of bags into the Doggee.

The clip can be attached onto your belt loop, leash, pocketbook or keyring. My one quibble is that I found the clip too small to attach to our wide hemp leash handle, but a simple carabiner did the trick.

Check out this funny video, then enter my Rafflecopter to win a Doggee of your own!

Doggee provided me with 2 Doggees to try out, and two to give away! We have one gray Doggee for a lucky winner, and one purple Doggee for a lucky winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given these Doggees to testdrive and review, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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