Brooks and Kelly really enjoyed our vacation.

On the way home, we stopped at Crown Point, NY. This is where the bridge connects Vermont and New York, crossing over Lake Champlain. We liked to stop at the top–traffic permitting–where the kids in the back seat would still be in New York, and we’d be in Vermont (or the other way around, depending upon which direction we were heading) They always thought that was funny. Or, that we were big dorks. Not sure which. Anyway, a couple years ago they had to blow up the old bridge, so this was our first time over the new one:

We stopped to visit a historic site, the ruins of Fort Crown Point from the Revolutionary War.

On the way home, we saw this giant bird’s nest on a high tension wire.  See it up there?

I think it was an osprey baby. We saw two adult birds flying around overhead, but they didn’t land while we were watching.

So finally we were home, tired but having had a lot of fun on vacation!