It’s back to school time. Kelly and Ike have put on their thinking caps and are stepping up to teach some important lessons. First, time to learn your ABC’s-

A- is for Adoption. Like us, you may discover that you were adopted. That’s okay. That just means that you were chosen to be part of a really special family. That should explain why you don’t look like your mom and dad, or why your mom and dad don’t have wet noses and a tail.

B- is for Barking. We recommend that you bark a lot. This keeps your family safe from intruders, mailmen, and squirrels.

C- is for Cats. Chase them.

D- is for Dinner. Never let your humans forget dinner time. It’s a good idea to bark, paw at their legs, poke your nose under their newspapers, stand in front of the television set, or do whatever you can to get their attention. If you’re like us, you will even try for Second Dinner. Sometimes it works.

E- is for Ears. You might be surprised to learn that there are more than a dozen different shapes of ears in canines, which is a lot more than we can say for humans with their boring old furr-less ears. So, we’ve got one up on them there. Dog ears may be upright, drop, cropped, rounded, hooded, blunt, bat ears, candle flame ears, button, pendant, folded, cocked, pricked, V-shaped, filbert, or rose. How about that!

F- is Fleas. Public enemy #1. They are no good, ruthless, angry, horrible villains. There is no way to avoid these critters, although we’ve tried. Maybe you’re an A+ student and can think of some sort of potion to get rid of these abominations.

Now it’s your turn to educate the professors. What words can you come up with for A-F?

And, join us next Monday for more alphabet fun.

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