Fit Dog Friday, hosted by Peggy’s Pet Place, Slimdoggy, and To Dog with Love, is a weekly place to blog about ways you and your dog get fit and active together!

Here’s a different way to get active with your dog–join a parade! 

Two dogs enjoy “canoeing” on the Boy Scout float.

  I saw these dogs in the Fourth of July parade in Clifton Park, NY yesterday. The parade route gave the dogs (those who weren’t riding!) a nice workout. I worried about the heat and the hot pavement on their paws, but at the end of the route, the Mid-Hudson Tri-County Animal Rescue Services provided a dog cooling station with bowls and water available as well.

A chocolate lab joins the Scouts.
Patriotic girl and her pooch.
I think they were just walking along, but hey, it’s a dog!

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