What sounds nicer than settling down with a good book and a snack? Here’s Kelly and Ike, enjoying a little down time on a crisp fall afternoon.

 So, let’s take a look at what Kelly and Ike are into these days. First, the snack–

Chewy.com asked us if we’d like to sample one of their new fall yummies. Ike was looking over my shoulder when I was reading the email, and he suggested that we try the Nutrisource treats. They come in chewy and crunchy, and in flavors such as chicken, liver, and lamb. Ike picked the Crunchy Grain free Whitefish. You might think fish is an odd choice for a dog, but due to Ike’s allergies, seafood seems to be what agrees with him best.

The Nutrisource Whitefish Treats are made with real whitefish, fruits and veggies. Ingredients include peas, pumpkin, cranberries, carrots, apples, lettuce and watercress. I don’t think I recall a dog treat including lettuce before, so that was different!

Of course, Ike found these new treats delectable, and even shared them with Kelly. Both dogs loved them. Nutrisource also makes excellent dog food and grain free dog food, highly rated at Dog Food Advisor.

That treat was for your dog, of course. For you, I’d suggest some nice, warm pumpkin muffins and a cup of mulled cider.

Now, on to the books. If you’re a fan of fiction, I highly recommend the latest Chet and Bernie Mystery, Paw and Order by New York Times bestselling author Spencer Quinn. I’ve been reading and reviewing Chet and Bernie mysteries for the last four or five novels, and this is the seventh in the series. Quinn’s writing is spot-on clever, witty, engaging and intelligent. Our canine pal Chet is the star of the book, as the stories are told through his loveable, sincere, doggy voice. In Paw and Order, Chet takes on Washington D.C. international spies, and a feisty guinea pig.

Ike is a big fan of Chet the dog.

When asked what humans can learn from dogs, Spencer Quinn replies, “That’s a huge subject and a a main theme of the Chet and Bernie series. Boiling it down, it’s about an attitude toward life: in the now, optimistic, physical, loving. And not overthinking things.”

For nonfiction-lovers, check out The Language of Dogs by Justin Silver, with David Donnenfeld. Dog trainer Justin Silver is star of the show, Dogs in the City. I really like Justin’s training philosophy: “Dogs are eager to please their human owners, and they honestly think they’re doing the right thing. Most dogs aren’t being willfully disobedient; the two of you just aren’t speaking the same language.”

Kelly is wondering, “Do you know what I’m thinking right now?”

In this book, Justin walks you through training scenarios by looking at the whole picture in every type of situation, and teaching you how to teach  your dog what you want (not what you don’t want).

Learning should be fun for your dog…and this is a great book to help you accomplish just that!

Now, isn’t this a lovely, cozy afternoon with Kelly and Ike?

*Full Disclosure:
I was provided with the following products in exchange for my honest review-
One 14 oz. bag of Nutrisource Treats
1 copy of the book Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn
1 copy of the book The Language of Dogs by Justin Silver
This in no way influenced my reviews. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.