We were just on vacation in Vermont, and decided to bring the dogs along with us. While I worried about the logistics of traveling with two dogs, this vacation had an unexpected, happy ending.

We got to stay in a hotel together

What’s the secret password?
Hmmm this couch really is pet friendly!

And visit friends

Here we are with my best friend, Becky

And participate in some fun events, like this book signing

Brooks and Kelly helped me sign books for guest, Joy.

and a show, Books over Breakfast at WCAX-TV

Here’s one of their trucks at Burlington, channel 3

But the best part came on the ride home. Kelly and Brooks were exhausted. We’d kept so busy. They shared the back seat of the suv, each on their own side, until I turned around to look and…..



They bonded! It did my heart good to see them snuggled together. This is the first time they have ever cuddled together, or even been close to each other in such a way, ever! I guess our vacation brought my two kids closer together.