For today’s blog hop I hope everyone who hops by will take note of Petfinder’s Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet week, starting Monday. This year’s theme is:
Don’t Hate me Because I’m _______________, Adopt me Because I Need You.

What a theme. That just catches me in my heart. To think about a homeless pet that is passed over because he is old, or has a disability, or maybe isn’t as pretty as the next. And he NEEDS ME. It breaks my heart.

On September 17, is kicking off its 3rd Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet campaign, after recognizing that approximately 95 percent of shelters and rescue groups have a harder time finding homes for certain pets, such as seniors, big black dogs, adult cats or pets with medical problems.

Many such “less adoptable” pets are now working as therapy or service animals after they finally found someone who wanted to adopt them…from the one-eyed R.E.A.D. dog who visits elementary schools, to abused or neglected dogs who are now working in the narcotics department at the police force.

Petfinder’s will be featuring a gallery on their website during the weeklong event to highlight just how many pets need to be given a chance. Visitors can also log onto and type in their zip code to find adoptable pets at their local shelters or rescue groups.