When it comes to figuring out dog food, I could easily be Innova my head….but not when it comes to the very friendly and helpful folk at Innova, a brand of Natura pet food.

Cheesy puns aside, I was invited to join a handful of bloggers to learn more about the Innova pet food family and the ingredients that go into their food, and to have my dogs sample their exciting new blend of food which includes enhancements such as more fruits and vegetables.

I know many pet parents are very loyal to their own particular brand of food, which is great. But also many, like me, are confused by the standards and quality and variety. I had a lot to ask, and a lot to learn.
I really didn’t know how important quality dog food was until I started dieting with my dog. And now that we’ve added 11 year old golden retriever Brooks to our family, with his allergies and skin condition, I know that the proper dog food is more important than ever.

According to the information provided me, here are some facts about new Innova:
*now contains more poultry and fish
* contains pears, blueberries, green beans and parsnips
* 100% whole grains including brown rice and oats (no more white potatoes and white rice.)– That’s a change I made for myself when I started dieting. Now I can make this change for my dog too!
*You can find helpful information and complete ingredient checks at their site See Beyond the Bag.

Innova’s friendly experts have carefully guided me in slowly introducing the new food to Kelly and Brooks’ old food, to make a transition without any digestive upsets. They communicate regularly to see how we’re doing, how the dogs like the food, to offer tips and sometimes even just to share fun stories and ideas.We’ve even received sneak previews, such as what their newly designed bags of dog food will look like. That’s just plain fun!

This is a wonderful experience for multiple reasons:
1. Communication— I feel like someone is always there to help or to answer a question.
2. Answers— Every questions I’ve had has been answered thoroughly, and followed up.
3. Samples–Innova provided me with two bags of Innova Healthy Adult dog food to ensure enough for my dogs to really give it a try and have ample time to document how they respond physically, plus a bag of Health Bars treats and a toy!
4. Personal Care-– I feel like they care about me and my dogs. And if they care about my dogs, I feel sure that they care about your dogs too. I feel safe in placing my trust in Natura and Innova.

In addition, when we first adopted Brooks, he came to us with skin and ear infections most likely caused by allergies. But since his medical history was not known, we had no idea what he had been eating before and what he was allergic to. Innova veterinarian Dr. Nathaniel Cook sent me several emails and spent over an hour one day talking to me on the phone and giving me guidance and suggestions for helping Brooks, far above and beyond anything to do with feeding him Innova food. In fact, he suggested a different type of food to try for Brooks, another Natura brand called California Natural grain free venison formula, and he and his associate Tammy even overnighted me coupons so that I could get Brooks started on that food right away! When’s the last time you had service like that? And more importantly, real personal concern from a company.

Both dogs seem to love the taste of their Natura dog food. So far they’re reacting great as well. I’ll be continuing to learn more about these foods, and I look forward to sharing more with you. I might just have some food giveaways coming up too.

So, what do you look for in your dog’s food? What have you not been able to find that you wish you could? Do you have any questions I could bring to Innova?

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