If The Wizard of Oz was one of your favorite childhood movies (and maybe adult, too) you may be aware that this week marks its release in Blu Ray DVD. It seems an appropriate time, therefore, to celebrate one of the most famous cinema dogs–Toto.

I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz so many times I don’t need to concentrate on the plot, so I focus on Toto, played by canine actor Terry. I try to see if I can figure out where her trainer may be hiding, and what tricks were used to get the little terrier to tag along at Dorothy’s heels or jump up in just the right place. The dog never fails to bring a smile to my face, she’s so cute and happy, portraying that loyal pet who follows Dorothy all the way to Oz.

In the book The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum describes Toto as “a little black dog, with long, silky hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on either side of his funny, wee nose.” The 1939 movie Toto, actually a Cairn Terrier, fits the bill. According to IMDb (Internet Movie Database) here are 5 facts about Terry.

1. Terry was born in 1933.

2. She broke her foot during the filming of the movie

3. She was afraid of the powerful wind machines used in the tornado scenes.

4. Her first film was Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple

5. She earned $125/week in the making of The Wizard of Oz.