Last month was Animal Advocacy Day in New York’s capital, Albany. You should have seen all the dogs– fluffy, sleek, tiny and super-sized–running about the marble halls of the Empire State Plaza Legislative Office Building. Cuteness overload.

Rescue groups, advocacy groups, and others promoted their displays and handouts. I was lucky enough to have a table to share about pet adoption and display my books.

 Here I am at the table. The organization sharing the table with me is the Pumpkin Fund. They help people who can’t afford surgeries for their pets.

Lots of people stopped by to say hello, talk about animal advocacy, and check out my books.

Here I am with Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun.

I even got a visit from adorable Bocker the labradoodle. He’s a model dog who’s been in a lot of cool ads and shows!

Lookin’ good, Bocker.
The TV camera even found me!
Saying hello to Assemblyman Jim Tedisco and his corgi, Gracie.

Animal Advocacy Day 2012

Here I am in the group photo. See way over there on the left, behind the pitbull sitting on the stair banister? That bit of red hair in the back there? That’s me!

Animal Advocacy Day was a wonderful way to gather together with others who care about animals, and to work toward strengthening animal cruelty laws. Buster’s Law made animal cruelty a felony under New York State law.