Kelly–Sometimes I think she looks kind of like this guinea pig. Don’t you?

Some people may wonder, “What do your posts about baby falcons and hunky jumpropers have to do with the writer’s dog?” Well, not much. I’ve realized that my blogs, initially about Kelly and I and weight loss efforts, have begun to ramble and lose focus. So I talked to Kelly, and she proposed that I get back to what’s important–naturally, her. Kelly doesn’t really do enough interesting in a typical day to write about, but she’ll help me focus on issues important to dogs, dogs in the news, news pertaining to dogs, and of course, your dogs. I’d love to hear anything and everything about your canine companions and anything dog related. So welcome to the new Writer’s Dog, and please send me your pictures, videos, comments and questions. Kelly will have lots to share. And don’t worry, she won’t let me wander too far. She keeps me on a pretty short leash.