You know how everyone tells you that time passes more quickly as you get older? You’d think I was 101… Where did that summer go? It feels like we didn’t do anything summery, and now the leaves are turning red and orange, the nights are cooler, the big yellow school buses are tying up traffic just when I want to get down the street. My daughter Kate told me about a commando crossing guard in her neighborhood who likes to assert her power and stop cars, motion for them to roll down their window, and scream “25!” at the drivers. We assume she’s referring to the speed limit. Anyway, one of the best things we did this summer was relax at my in-law’s camp. This is the most fun for Kelly too. The camp is in the mountains. It’s by a lake. There’s a big screened porch with comfortable rockers. Ahhh…what more do you need? Kelly spent her time there sticking her nose into chipmunk holes, barking at squirrels, and chasing ducks. She was funny, she’d sit and watch a family of ducks waddle up from the lake, about 200 feet up a slope, wait for them to situate themselves under the bird feeder, where they gobbled the seeds that were dropped on the ground. She’d stare at them for a bit, and then when she was good and ready she let out a bark and sent them all fluttering off, back down to the water. This, Kelly feels, is the ultimate power trip. Now back to the city and no ducks to chase. But there are those pesky neighbor cats.