What is the best car, designed with your dog in mind? If you’re considering buying a new car this year, FIDO Friendly magazine has done the research for you, and put together a list of the Best 2011 Dog-Friendly Cars. These vehicles are tops in traveling safely and comfortably with your dog. Last year the Honda Element earned high marks. Here are some award-winners this year:
Honda Odyssey
* more crate space in the back
* this year’s model is lower and wider than before
Toyota Sienna
* tri-zone climate control means dogs in the back can be comfortable too

Jeep Grand Cherokee
* hooks and removable storage bins for all your pet’s needs
* power-lift tailgate

Kia Sportage
* five door design
* squared off back for more crate space
* a lot of space for a smaller size vehicle
Chevrolet Traverse
* serious cargo space
* three rows of seats that fold flat

Check out FIDO Friendly for the complete article.
What about you? What features do you look for in a dog-friendly vehicle?