You may not want to take sides…after all, we’re animal lovers and most of us adore both cats and dogs. But recently, Kaylee Thompson wrote The Battle of Dogs vs. Cats for Parade magazine, using scientific facts to help back up which pet is the fastest, strongest, and most clever. Here are some of her results:

Smartest— Dogs. For communication and trainability, dogs win!

id you know that the average dog can learn about 165 words? Don’t forget about Chaser the Border Collie who understands 1000 words!

Cats can learn about 35 words. The smartest cat is the Maine Coon Cat.

Fastest-Dogs. Greyhounds are capable of running 40 miles per hour. This is not faster than the cheetah, which can run about 65 mph. But since they are not a house pet, they don’t count.

Most agile– Cats. Cats have great body control and are much more nimble than most dogs.

Hardest working— Dogs. Just look at their resumes: guide dogs, police dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, herding dogs, etc!

In your own personal experience, which pet you would nominate for any of these categories- Softest? Most cuddly? Most empathetic? Laziest? Most destructive? Best behaved? Worst behaved? Most devoted?