My sunflower garden on the side of my house boasts beautiful yellow flowers all summer. But when the flowers die and turn to seed, that’s when they’re my favorite. From early August through October, the huge heads attract a variety of little songbirds. Mostly little yellow finches and a few chickadees. I love watching these birds hang on the edges of the stems, or hang upside down on the top of the flowers, pecking at the seeds. Their beautiful chirps and calls fill the air. Sometimes there are more than a dozen little birds there at one time. This is a treat for a city gal. Unfortunately, these pictures were taken through my porch screen. Every time I tried to go outside and capture the birds on film, they flew away. I tried waiting inconspicuously, but they always outlasted me. Whenever I hear the cheerful chirps, I creep silently to the window so I can watch.

Tail’s End: The beauty of one season gives way to the hidden beauty of the next.