Today I’m taking part in BtC4animals Blog the Change.

I’d like to introduce you to my friend and associate Sharon.
Sharon, a NYC resident, is dedicated to animal rescue, and founder of WOOF: Wagging On and On Forever! The picture at left is Sharon, right after 911, with some of her rescue friends.

Sharon tells me about her first rescue:

“One day I was walking home from being interviewed for adopting a dog–Hero had been shot while protecting his human companion. I took a detour through Washington Square Park. All I could think of was adopting this beautiful, sweet, heroic dog who had risked his life defending the man he loved.

Then I saw a big, black, furry dog tied with a thin rope to a big tree in a quiet part of the park. He looked so forlorn. A torn cardboard sign hung around his neck: “Owner died; please take dog.” I never got to adopt Hero, there were many suitors for him. But I did take Baby Bear home that day, and he was my first rescued dog.” (Here’s Bear, left.)

Sharon rescues and finds homes for dogs, cats, birds and the occasional snake. Please check out her Petfinder listing for available pets up for adoption (scroll down to WOOF).

Check out Sharon’s blog, WOOF!