Puppy Mills are cruel, horrible, substandard breeding factories. I keep hoping the day will come when they exist no more. There are many people and organizations working to help put them to an end. Will they succeed? I don’t know. I hope so.

Recently I researched laws regarding puppy mills, and was surprised to learn that the laws vary greatly state to state.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 26 states require basic humane standards for dogs at puppy mills. That means that 24 states don’t even go that far! 26 states require licensing of puppy mills. But only 16 states require inspections.

Only 4 state limit the number of breeding dogs confined at large-scale puppy mill operations. Those states are Louisiana, Oregon, Virginia and Washington.

19 states have no provisions whatsoever for puppy mills.

Top-ranking states are California, New Jersey,  New York, Colorado, Maine and Vermont.
Low-ranking states are North and South Dakota, Idaho, Ohio, and Mississippi

To find out where your state falls, click on A-MI  or MO-W
If you’d like to ask your state to consider tougher legislation regarding puppy mills, email your state governor or local state representative.
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