I’m so excited to be part of the Be the Change for Animals blog day event! This active group is all about helping animals, providing a platform to spread the voice of animal advocates and people just like you and me, who love animals. We can make a difference.

The idea of Blog the Change Days is to promote a cause in need, announce a new commitment to help animals, and inspire others to join us.

I often think of our yellow lab, Hudson, when he was a puppy…rolly poly body, chubby little legs, sweet breath, a ball of yellow energy. I also think of Hudson as a senior citizen, graying muzzle, heavy body, slow gate. And oh, those eyes that reflected everything he’d been through…running in the yard, swimming in the lake, happiness, and unfortunately in his older years, pain. How I wanted his senior years to be just as happy as his puppy years.

That is why I’ve selected The Grey Muzzle Organization as my Blog the Change cause. We all know that cute, cuddly puppies are adopted first in shelters. I know it is hard to give your heart to a senior dog who may not have as many years left to share with you. But these senior dogs deserve a loving home. The Grey Muzzle Organization works to improve the lives of senior dogs by funding programs such as hospice care, senior dog adoption, medical screening and other special programs to help old dogs at animal welfare organizations across the country.

* Senior dogs may be abandoned because owners are unable or unwilling to provide for their medical needs.

* Well-loved senior dogs may become homeless when their senior person moves to assisted living facilities.

* Some senior dogs have lived all their lives in abusive situations, or have lived in shelters for years and are deemed unadoptable because of their age.

But we can help! Volunteering, donating or spreading the word are some of the ways you can help senior dogs live out their lives with love and care. In addition, please copy this message and Tweet or post to your website, blog, Facebook or other social site:

Old friends are the best. Help senior dogs in need. Visit The Grey Muzzle Organization http://tinyurl.com/2eeptjr

Thank you! And Be the Change for Animals!