Today is Blog the Change!

Four times a year bloggers and caring individuals band together and blog about animal related causes and how we can make a difference.

Today, I’d like you to meet Debbie Kandoll, of Military Working Dog Adoptions. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Debbie. She’s full of energy and compassion, and is devoted to helping dogs. I can’t imagine there are more than two seconds a day that she’s not working tirelessly on someone’s behalf. I know so many dogs are helped because of Debbie.

Military Working Dog Adoptions helps connect retired military dogs with their forever homes. These dogs have devoted their lives to serving us and they need a well-deserved retirement in a loving home. They often drive long distances to pick up and rehome these heroes.

Debbie also trains military dogs to help soldiers with PTSD. Here is the story of Bino. Debbie says, “Bino is a hero, because after serving for 11 years, after braving the hot sands of Iraq, after always giving and never saying “no” to anything that was asked of him, he leaves no comrade behind.”

Thank you Debbie for the great work you do!

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