Blog the Change is an opportunity to write about an animal group close to our hearts that we’d like to highlight, and this month I happen to have just the perfect group.

I’ve been dealing with Peppertree rescue group in finding a dog to join our family. Our circumstances require finding the right fit for our lovable but headstrong older resident dog, which is proving to be a bit difficult. Through it all Peppertree has been helpful, professional, compassionate and equally concerned about all the animals and people involved.

In our experience, Peppertree Rescue:
1. works diligently to rescue dogs needing forever homes.
2. suggests potential dogs to prospective parents and makes every effort to make good matches
3. cares deeply about their dogs’ well-being
4. takes excellent medical and physical care of their foster dogs
5. observes the rescue dogs’ temperaments and works on behaviors in the foster homes
6. arranges to meet prospective parents and their dogs at a neutral location to introduce the dogs
7. provides exemplary support and help during the entire process
8. helps provide or lend equipment when needed
9. has an excellent trainer who can help advise if needed
10. offers a 2-week trial period to allow the dog a chance to settle down in the new environment and for everyone to get to know each other

I want to give Peppertree Rescue high praise for their professionalism, understanding, helpfulness, and compassion for all involved. If you are in the Albany NY area and looking to adopt an animal companion, please contact Peppertree.
Here (and Hutch, above) are some of their dogs available today:

Sweet Pea

Sir Lucky