Brooks: I found this book for Mom because, well, because of the dog on the cover. Isn’t it a lovely resemblance? I figure that any book with a golden retriever on the cover has to be good.


And this book is full of “true stories of miracles inspired by man’s best friend”…I can tell you, and many of my friends can tell you, about miracles. Dogs are great at miracles! Here’s Mom to tell you about the book.

Me: The Divinity of Dogs by Jennifer Skiff is a book of more than 70 heartwarming, true stories about dogs and the gifts they bring to us humans. I write frequently about the healing love of animals, a subject which I love, and so I was immediately attracted to this book. In fact, in my book Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw my chapter headings are Animals Heal, Animals Forgive, Animals Teach and Animals Love. Skiff’s book chapters include love, forgiveness, and healing. So it’s clear we’re on the same track!

My favorite section of the book is labeled “Gratitude: Appreciating Home.” There I read story after story of dogs who were neglected, abused, or homeless and had been rescued by a loving person. As someone who shares her home with two rescue dogs, I share the emotions expressed by the authors of these tales. I often wonder about my dogs’ lives before coming to our home, who they lived with, what their names were, and how they happened to end up alone. It may just be a human foible to think that our dogs are grateful for us rescuing them. Or maybe what we perceive as gratefulness is really their innate ability sense of devotion. Whatever it may be, I am sure dogs feel a sense of peace and happiness when treated with respect and love.

I highly recommend The Divinity of Dogs. The stories are beautifully written and you’ll feel like you’ve shared the joy, the tears, and the experiences told. It’s a great book for reading a story or two before bed or when you want to relax for a few minutes.