Dog-Friendly Gardening
by Karen Bush
(c) 2012 Hubble and Hattie
USBN 978-1-845844-10-3

BROOKS: If I went to sleep and imagined my dream-yard, it would be here on the pages of this book. If only it was a catalog, and I could pick and choose the features I’d like to order, and have them all delivered to my own back yard! I didn’t read all the words in this book, but I loved the pictures!

Me: If you have a dog (or two or three!) and if you have a yard (or garden, in the UK) then you know that sometimes the two don’t always go well together. Dogs sometimes escape from fences, dig holes, leave “landmines”, and at the very least yellow patches of grass. What’s a person to do?

Well, for starters, you should get this book, Dog Friendly Gardening. This book covers everything you need to enjoy your space with your dog. It’s packed with ideas on how to make your yard beautiful and pet friendly, and how to keep your dog safe and secure.

As for fencing, I was pleased to read that the author does not support invisible fences and the shocks they use for training methods. “If you care about your dog,” she writes, “please do not even consider installing one of these systems.”

Now on to grass. She talks about lawn repairs, which is a big topic at our house. The easiest suggestion is to keep a full watering can handy to dilute the urine. (Note: I enjoyed the author’s use of the British term “spend a penny” as in, “whenever you see your dog spending a penny, immediately water the spot thoroughly to dilute the urine.”  I hadn’t heard that before!) 

The book is not just the same old obvious stuff. It’s full of fun ideas, how to’s, and beautiful photographs. I love the section on enjoying the garden, with ideas for wading pools, hammocks, sprinklers, digging pits, tunnels and even a ball pit! If I had a big enough yard, I dream of outfitting it with a big rock for climbing, agility equipment, and all sorts of multisensory equipment to experience.

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*Full disclosure: I was provided a review copy of this book. The opinions are 100% my own.