Brooks here, with another book review, this time about a cat. I know, I know…Brooks usually likes to chase cats under parked cars in the neighborhood, not read about them. But, in this case he happily made an exception.

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If you like fiction, and cats, and a little bit of romance, then this book is for you. I love fiction, and I like cats, but I am also really surprised that I liked this book because it is a little bit quirky…it involves ghosts and spirits and such.

Brooks and I are not fans of ghostly type stories, but this was done in such a gentle way, not spooky and scary, but almost matter of fact. Because of that, we didn’t mind that part at all. Plus, it is the cat–not the people– who senses these spirits and seems to understand what they are feeling. I thought that the cat parts were sweet and touching, adding an interesting depth to the tale. Brooks says it figures that a cat would get all weird about spirits and such.

The story is about a young widow named Lily who needs a new start in her life. The setting in the Pacific Northwest is vivid and beautifully detailed, as are Lily’s vintage clothing boutique and the residents of her new little town. Then a mysterious white cat with one blue eye and one green eye arrives.  “Lily thought she saw an aura, a subtle rainbow of color surrounding the cat, as if the creature was not of this world…”

Thus Lily begins a journey of healing. Saved by the hidden graces of others, she even allows herself to fall in love again. Brooks gives Enchanting Lily 4 out of 5 wags. I think this is partially because there was not a major dog character.

If you’re looking for a bit of a quirky read, that is light, well-written, imaginative, and hopeful, then pick up Enchanting Lily. The book will be released on August 7th… but you could win a copy here right now! Just leave a comment below and tell me why you’d like to win this book. I’d be delighted if you also  followed this blog and liked my facebook page too, if you haven’t already. Tell me that you did and you’ll get another entry. Thanks! And good luck! Two winners will be announced on Wednesday’s blog.

About the Author: 

Anjali Banerjee was born in India, and raised in Canada and California and received degrees from the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of seven previous novels.  Banerjee lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband.  Visit her website at

*I was provided with a review copy of this book. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. And Brooks’.