Time for another book review, and this time we’ve got three very different, but great new reads. One is fiction, one is non-fiction, and one is children’s…and they’re all about dogs!

The Sound and The Furry
A Chet and Bernie Mystery
by Spencer Quinn
published by Atria books, (c) 2013

I’ve been a fan of Chet and Bernie books for some time now. If you haven’t tried them out yet, what are you waiting for? The books are witty, clever, suspenseful and well-written. The narrator is, yup, a dog– and yet you never feel like it’s cheap or cheesy or talking down. The author understands Dog. Combine that with a mystery–Bernie is a private eye.

In The Sound and the Furry, Chet and Bernie team up to solve a missing persons case in New Orleans. One of the most suspenseful moments is when Chet tangles with a big gator. But there’s plenty more in store in this novel–it all adds up to a New York Times Bestseller that you won’t be able to put down.

Spencer Quinn is the author of five previous Chet and Bernie mystery novels. He lives on Cape Cod with his dogs, Audrey and Pearl.
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How to Speak Dog
A guide to decoding dog language
by Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, D.V.M.
published by National Geographic (c) 2013

Young people (and adults!) will love this guide to helping understand what your dog is saying. Did your child ever ask you why a dog chases its tail, or howls at the moon or bares its teeth? Or, even more embarrassingly, why dogs sniff each other there? They can find all the answers in this book! There are fun facts interspersed as well. Such as:
*When a dog licks your face, he’s trying to win your favor. When he licks his own lips or nose, he’s trying to calm himself.
* Dogs only wag their tails for people and other animals. They don’t wag at trees or telephone poles, or things that can’t respond.
*Dogs can’t control when or how wagging happens. The tail is connected directly to the brain, and transmits how the dog is feeling.

Aline Newman is a writer for National Geographic Kids and author of several nature books. She has a big black lab, Moose.  Dr. Gary Weitzman is President and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society. He has two dogs, Jake and Betty.
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Camper vans, ex-pats and Spanish hounds
The strays of Spain: from road trip to rescue
by Tania Coates and Sam Morris
published by Hubble and Hattie (c) 2013

While traveling through Spain in their VW camper van with their rescue dog Iyela, Tania and Sam came across a stray in a very poor state of health at the side of the road…and so began the story of Pedro’s rescue. It was great to save one little dog. But Pedro never left Tania’s mind. There were so many street dogs in need of help. Galgos- sighthounds used in hare coursing and hunting. Podencos- a name that applies to a vast number of hound types.

The shelters were full…and what could two people do to help? Read and find out the sad stories, the amazing rescues, and the happy endings.

Spanish hounds website
 Hubble and Hattie website

Full Disclosure: I was provided with one copy of each book for my honest review. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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