Because I’m dieting, you might think I stay away from cookies. And, because I’m dieting with my dog, you might think I keep my dog away from cookies too. What the woof?! There’s nothing wrong with a few treats on occasion, even on a diet. (I just can’t eat a whole sleeve of Oreos. Darn!) The trick is choosing more nutritious treats.  That’s why I was happy to receive a copy of Dog Cookies; healthy, allergen-free treat recipes for your dog, by Martina Schops.

Nutrition expert Martina says, “Treats contribute to a dog’s well-being.” I agree.

Here are some reasons for making your own dog treats:
1. You know exactly what ingredients they contain.
2. No artificial flavors and preservatives
3. You can adjust recipes for your dog’s taste, allergies, or nutritional needs

 Most of the recipes in this book are simple and made from easy-to-find ingredients. For example, Banana Biscuits are made of banana, rye flour, buckwheat flour, eggs, butter, water and a pinch of carob.

The book includes recipes for high value treats for agility training, and birthday cake, waffles and doggie ice cream. If you’re looking for good recipes to bake some healthy treats for your dog, I recommend this book. You can find Dog Cookies on Amazon or on  Hubble and Hattie website.

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*I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.