Pawing Through from A to Z
C is for Curl

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you? There are many good options for “C”–cats, cookies, cuddles… But I knew I just had to pick “curl” because it describes one of my favorite features of Kelly.

If you’re really really old like me (haha) or if your mother and grandmother liked to recite old rhymes, you might remember this one:
There was a little girl
with a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead
and when she was good
she was very, very good
but when she was bad
she was horrid.

Well that rhyme kind of relates to Kelly. Because she has this lock of hair, I guess it’s technically not really curly, and it hangs down right in the middle of her forehead! Of course, Kelly is always really, really good and she’s never bad! 😉

Kelly also has a mustache of sorts, that sticks out above her nose. The funny thing about it, sometimes it’s long, and then sometimes it’s short. It grows and then apparently the hairs fall out and it starts over again. I can’t really figure it all out.

Kelly’s bad hair day is part of what makes her so endearing to us!
Does your dog have any funny, cute and unusual physical features—that you just absolutely love?