I’d like to introduce you to one of our amazing Featured Bloggers at Koly and Kelly’s K9Kamp (To meet another Featured Blogger, check out Kol’s Notes too!) And, keep reading to the end to find this week’s contest where you can win Juniper Fetching sticks from Molly’s Products. Good luck!

Your name:  Angel Carlson
Age:  33
Occupation:  Domestic Engineer (ie: Homemaker)

Favorite activity:  Photography
Favorite food:  Pizza!

Your dog’s  name:  LuLu
Breed:  Boston Terrier / French Bulldog mix That is such an adorable picture of you both!
Age:  2 years
Favorite activity:   Canine Freestyle!  (Tricks to music) I’d so love to see this!
Favorite food:  Pizza!  (and beer… lol) beer? lol

2. Tell us about your blog

Life with LuLu is just as the title says – it’s about my life as it relates to my dogs.  I write about training, offer product reviews and giveaways, share photos and videos and other things that make me smile! 

3. Why did you decide to participate in Koly & Kelly’s K9 Kamp? Did your dog urge you to sign up…or did you think your dog perhaps needed a little intervention? What are your goals for the Kamp?
I have been counting calories for a few weeks, hoping to shed a few lbs and get back into a healthy weight range.  I’m hoping that this challenge will keep me inspired to keep moving!

4. How would you rate your dog’s physical fitness? How would your dog rate yours?
Lu is in very good physical health.  She’s not extremely athletic, but she puts in a few sprints around the yard!  My dog would say I’m a lazy bum.  haha! I can relate!

5. What is your dog’s biggest fitness challenge?
Since she’s part frenchie, she’s got a very dense body type. This makes her naturally heavy for her size and makes it difficult for her to jump very high.

6. How would you rate your dog’s diet? How would your dog rate yours?
She eats a heck of a lot better than I do!  She eats a raw diet.  I try to make healthy choices, but man, I love a good Big Mac and a Coke once in a while!

7. What is your dogs biggest diet challenge?
Because we do so many training activities with canine freestyle, she gets a LOT of treats.  Those calories add up fast!

8. Complete this sentence: In K9Kamp, my dog would be voted Most Likely To __
Be the teacher’s pet!  😉  (no pun intended!  lol) Aww I can see that already! She’s got me charmed!

Thank you Angel and Lulu!  Now let’s win some prizes! 
*Winner of last weeks Fetching Sticks Contest is: Sharon Gilbert. Congratulations! Contact us to claim your prize! 

Molly Product’s fetching sticks are made from the fragrant Juniper wood of Northern Arizona.  Each branch is cut to 10″ long, stripped of it’s bark to reveal the fragrant Juniper wood underneath, hand-sanded to remove protrusions & rough patches, then beveled at the end  These beautiful, hand crafted, eco-friendly play toys are ideally designed for outdoor entertainment for you and your pet! 

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