Today I needed to get some photographs of Kelly to accompany a story I’m writing on traveling with your pet. The photo was to include myself and the dog, which is always double trouble–how to get two favorable expressions at the same time. I don’t consider myself the most naturally photographic person in the world. I”m always unhappy with an out of place wisp of hair, or the way my shirt poufs, or a dorky expression.

Kelly generally enjoys being a doggy model, but gets so hot and excited that she’s panting heavily and her tongue hangs out in every picture.

Here was another problem. When I clipped on Kelly’s leash, she figured we were going for a walk. I appeased her with a short spin around the block, but she wanted her customary 2-mile jaunt. Then, when we hopped in the car, she figured she was going for a ride. I didn’t deceive her by turning the wheel and making engine noises. Brilliantly, she knew we were still parked in the driveway. Kelly became so excited at the prospect of either taking a walk or taking a ride, that she was far from cooperative for the photograph.

But in the end, we got the picture done, a few decent options. (Look for them on the Guideposts website, 5 Things About Pets!)

What I Learned From My Dog: Things aren’t always what they seem. If we get put on a leash, and walk to the car, we’re not necessarily going to get a ride. In life, we’d better be adaptable.