According to the American Heart Association, 80% of Americans don’t make exercise a regular habit, and 14% say they don’t like to exercise. I’m a little surprised by those figures. Actually, I thought it would be higher! I really don’t enjoy exercising. I don’t know many people who do! Well, I’m sure you’re out there somewhere, you wild and crazy people who think it is fun to be achy, sweaty, out of breath and in pain. But one thing I do like is the feeling of doing something healthy for my body. I can’t say I feel good, refreshed or energized physically after a workout like some people say they do. But I feel so darn good mentally. So I guess I have to take what positives I can out of the experience!

I wish I could be more like my dogs. They’re always up for exercise. They both love their walks, runs at the park, and play time. When I say “Time for a walk!” they don’t grump and complain about how they had a hard day and they’re too tired and just leave them alone already. They jump up and dance around, spin around at my feet while I try to hook up the leashes, and bolt out the door enthusiastically, dragging me less-enthusiastically behind.

So I’m trying to learn from my dogs what makes exercise fun. And it’s perfect, because that’s the theme of K9Kamp this session—Fitness Fun and Games. Here’s a game I played with Kelly and Ike.

Have you ever played “chase” with your dogs? We do, and they love it! And it’s so much fun, I barely realize that I’m actually running and burning calories!
1. Find a place where you can run, weaving around trees, patio tables or other obstacles. You can do this indoors too. We have a natural circuit from our living room, to the hall, through the kitchen, through the dining room, back to the living room and hall and around again!

2. Start running! Most dogs don’t need any encouragement to play along.

3. Change directions frequently. Try to fake them out. Make zig zags. Keep them guessing. It’s so much fun because usually my dogs outsmart me! haha

4. I guarantee you, you will quit before your dogs do. I usually end up in a heap on the floor with the dogs begging for more!

Another game:
Play in the leaves!

What are some games you play with your dogs? Join our FitDog Friday hop, sponsored by Peggy’s Pet Place, Slimdoggy, and To Dog with Love.

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