Today I have a guest post, especially of interest to all my readers in the UK, but I think we all can get some ideas of fun Christmas toys for your pets that you can find online, or in stores near you.

Treat your Dog this Christmas– 2010 Doggy Products
by Jessica Hodkinson on behalf of GJW Titmuss pet supplies and dog food.

Have a look at this fun guide and pets, get pestering your parents for doggy products that scream fun. There’s a lot more than just dog food out there!
(All images courtesy of GJW Titmuss Pets)

Good Boy Christmas stockings
Christmas stockings are filled with a variety of scrumptious treats that our canine friends adore.

Doggy Do Little piggy toy. Your dog will have lots of fun with this toy. What an excuse to make lots of noise with its squeaky belly!

Laughing Christmas Tree
Soft plus toy provides your dog with lots of fun, and also will make you smile with its contagious

Babble Ball
This crazy babble ball gives off a variety of sounds when touched, and is sure to keep most dogs entertained (and slightly confused!)

If you are cooking a holiday turkey, your dog will sit and drool over the smell. How about going along with the theme and giving your dog a turkey of its own?