Time to say Thank You!

1. Thank you to Linda and Reba Messina from MUTTerings and Things for this Pawsome collar for Kelly! (this was the best I could do for a picture, lol). This collar is by Up Country Inc and you should check out their selection! We got to choose from so many beautiful designs, but this one stood out for its message and bright cheerful colors. I absolutely love the collar, and MUTTerings and Things!


2. Thank you to Basset Momma for the Pawsome Blogger Award! It is received for “bringing love, laughs and FURiendship.”  I appreciate this! And Basset Momma is certainly a blog that brings all of the above to me, too.  I love it when Fred and Gloria chase each other in the yard!

3. AND Thank you to Bicontinental Dachshund for the Pawsome Blogger Award, too! I’ve just discovered this blog and it’s wonderful! I love the photographs and learning a bit about different places, and of course Kelly and I love doxies! I’m honored that Tootsie chose me for this award too!

3. We also received the Liebster Award. Liebster means dearest in German and the award is intended “to help up and coming blogs get the attention they deserve.” The award goes to blogs with less than 200 followers. That is so cool! And, I’m at 196 followers now, so maybe through this award I can find those extra-special 4 followers to put me over the top and get to 200! If you like this blog and haven’t followed me yet, could you help me out? Thanks! 🙂 Now Kelly and I have to hide our faces in shame. With all that has been going on around here lately, we lost track of our note where we recorded who presented us with this award. (Note how I included Kelly in this transgression?!) If you passed it along to us, I’m so sorry and could you please let me know so we can thank you? Thank you!!

Now, I’m probably supposed to do stuff like tell you 5 things about me you didn’t know or pass this award on to 8 other bloggers, but the way I’d like to do this is to continue visiting your blogs and leaving comments to let you know how much I appreciate you. I always feel uncomfortable in singling out 5 or 8 or a dozen blogs, because so many of you make me laugh, or teach me something, or share a feeling that makes me say “yes me too!” I truly appreciate you all.