Since Corbin is a cool dude, and a neighbor, we decided to enter his Shrine to Corbin contest! So here we go….

Kelly: Hey Corbin! You know that big doggy up on top of that building downtown?
Corbin: You mean the one called Nipper? The RCA dog?

Kelly: Yeah, that’s the one. We should get together and go check him out. After all, he thinks he’s top dog, but we both know that you and I are.
Corbin: But he’s supposed to weigh 4 tons. He’s so big!
Kelly: I know, but you’re so strong (wink wink) and brave. Let’s go!

Corbin: Hey, Nipper’s not such a tough guy after all.
Kelly: I think we look pretty good up here.

Corbin: We rule, Albany!