Everyone’s lined up to adopt little Daisy. The adorable 1-year old Jack Russell pup was brought into a local shelter. Officials there say the man who brought her in found her in a battered kitty crate left out with the trash. The man claims he never said such a thing. I’m not sure where the truth lies, however the thought of any pet left out for the trash is heartbreaking. And Daisy has garnered much attention and will soon find a new home. I wish it was here! But Kelly wouldn’t like that. She thinks she should be the only dog.

Kelly was a rescued dog herself. We adopted her from a cocker spaniel rescue. I’m not sure how much cocker spaniel she really has in her heritage, however. Did you know that there are new DNA tests for canines to determine their genetic heritage? Now you can have your mutt tested to determine which breeds have contributed to create the unique mix of your dog. Of course, the test is expensive and not yet readily available. Kelly says, “What breeds am I?”