One day I came home to find a Diet Coke can, shredded into tiny bits. I expected to see my dog’s tongue in bits too. Luckily she was fine. Since then, however, I’ve been careful about where I store our recyclables.

It’s important to keep objects out of reach of dogs once you know they are chewers…and potentially, swallowers. A certain German shorthaired pointer ate my friends wallet; money, credit cards and all. Dogs have been known to eat anything and everything. lists some of the weirdest items ingested by dogs, with x-rays to prove it!

Above, x-ray of a rubber ducky ingested by Ozzie, a 7 month old Staffordshire Terrier.

Here are a few more:
Nails ingested by a Basset Hound.
Engagement ring, ingested by a Labrador.
Rocks, golf balls, sticks, fork, knife, mobile phone and various toys were also culprits. Check out the complete list of weird objects ingested by dogs. Fortunately, all the dogs cited made full recoveries.