What breeds make up Kelly? Well now I know, for sure. I tested Kelly’s DNA, and I’m here to give you the results, and I want to give away a DNA kit to one of you, too!

Last month, during the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour, readers guessed what breeds composed our mixed up, I mean mixed breed, pooches. What fun! Then, Pet Safe, invited us to try out their new product, Pet Safe Breed Identification DNA Kit. The kit arrived, compact in a little folder with simple directions. All we had to do was swab the inside of Kelly’s cheek and return the swabs in the postage-paid envelope. Despite her put-upon look, it doesn’t hurt at all.

About two weeks later the results were in!

Magical Mystery Mutt participants guessed Kelly was:
cocker spaniel
golden retriever
king charles cavelier spaniel
tibetan spaniel
irish setter
clumber spaniel
afghan hound
springer spaniel
border collie

DNA tests revealed Kellys breed is:
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cocker spaniel!

Yup, that’s it. I know, a little disappointing to have only one result. The test revealed that she is at least 75% cocker spaniel. “Most mixed breeds will not show any breeds listed under (this level) unless the dog has a purebred parent.” So Kelly’s mama or papa was likely pure cocker. The test was unable to account for the remaining 25 or so %. According to the packet information, this may be because:

1. there are breeds present that aren’t included in their database.

2. she’s really a purebred.

I’m guessing it’s #1!
The database did not include 5 of the 15 dogs guessed in the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour. The database currently includes about 60 breeds of dogs.

Overall, the Breed Identification DNA Kit was a fun experience. Despite the limited number of breeds in the database, the kit would be helpful for anyone who is curious about their dog’s breeds. The results include a fact sheet on the pertinent breed(s), with personality characteristics and health problems. I thought that was interesting. Check out the PetSafe DNA Kit.

**And, you could win a DNA Kit here! PetSafe has provided me with one kit to give away. Just leave a comment here, telling me why you would like to win a DNA Kit for your dog. I’ll pick one winner by randomizer. Contest ends on Saturday 3/26 at 11:59pm. I’ll announce the winner on next Wednesday Pet Roundup. Good Luck!