Natural. Organic. Holistic. These words are used a lot today, but when it comes to dog food, what do they mean?

Some of the claims I discovered from manufacturers of natural dog foods are:

1. Produced in USDA, FDA and AAFCO approved facilities

2. USDA inspected meats of human grade.

3. Naturally preserved

4. High quality ingredients

5. Experts to ensure quality and safety of the food

6. In-depth cleaning and sanitation of manufacturing facilities

7. Testing grain shipments for mycrotoxins

8. Developed by pet-health doctorate professionals

9. Naturally colored foods

10. “Nature-identical” ingredient profiles

Premium dog foods are generally not found in your supermarket. So, feeding your dog a natural or organic food may require a special trip to the pet store. They also are likely to be more expensive than your supermarket brands.

However, each one boasts quality ingredients, quality manufacturing and product safety. Here are some brands of natural or organic dog food. This is not a complete list. If you use a natural or organic dog food, or are a natural or organic dog food producer, please leave a comment and tell us about your brand.


Nutro Natural Choice


Blue Buffalo



Holistic Select

Young Again

What do you think of natural and organic foods? What are the pros and cons? Does your dog like them?

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