We’re about half way through dog food month, and I’ve already learned a lot about what to feed my dog. I’ve discovered how certain ingredients, or lack of ingredients, can affect health, skin and coat. How some food may be over-processed in order to preserve it on the shelf. I’ve met some caring, concerned pet food manufacturers and some devoted raw food and home prepared food advocates.

Still, there is no clear cut answer that is right for everyone. Here is another feeding option.

Some say dogs are carnivores. Some say omnivores. But can dogs be vegetarians? Advocates say yes, dogs can thrive on a meat free diet. People who prefer feeding their pets vegetarian dog food often object to the meat industry and are concerned about hormones, pesticides and antibiotics found in some commercial meat products.

This does not seem a very popular option right now, but seems to be growing in recognition. Certain supplements are suggested for canine vegetarian diets. You should be sure the dog is receiving enough protein, calcium and other nutrients and vitamins. Before trying this at home, study and follow a reputable book on the subject.

Peta offers more information about meatless diets for pets. You can also learn more at Vegepet.com. Some commercial vegetarian dog food is available. One option is V-dog.

What about you? Have you tried a vegetarian diet? Or do you think all dogs need meat?

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