When I saw this cute t-shirt with a dog holding a heart, advertised on All Things Dog blog, I clicked on the image and visited the site about a million times, then I hinted to my husband that I would like the shirt for my Christmas gift.

Well, great guy that he is, he came through! But first, there was a little glitch. He filled out the forms to have the package shipped to a different address, so that the shirt would remain a secret. Unfortunately, the package arrived on our doorstep, very clearly marked from Freaky Dog People, and when I retrieved the mail, I saw it.

Disappointed that the surprise was ruined, my husband contacted the company. He wasn’t expecting anything, but just wanted to let them know that there was a glitch in their ordering system. They responded promptly, and offered him another shirt of his choice to make up for the mistake.

Here is the second shirt I received!

We were both happy with their very generous response to the shipping error. And I look forward to wearing my cute new dog t-shirts! Thank you Freaky Dog People!