I love to hear what people name their dogs, and why. Did you consider your dog’s physical appearance, or personality? Was he or she named after a famous person, pop icon, or perhaps relative? How does your name fit your dog? Do you prefer people names or not?
Kelly came from a rescue home already named. We considered changing it, but in the end it seemed to fit her auburn fur and spunky personality. Our yellow lab was named after a famous explorer, Henry Hudson. And our dalmatian was named Schuyler, after a local historical figure.
Unique or common, it doesn’t matter, it’s fun to see how our special names fit together with our pets. You can look up some ideas in this book, 1000 Dog Names from A to Z.
Here’s a little dog name trivia.
What do you think are the most common dog names? I guessed Princess, Casey, and Lady.
The most popular puppy names in North American are:
Sam, Max, Lady, Bear, Maggie, Buddy, Brandy, Ginger and Taffy. Some other popular names are Duke, Rocky, Buster, Winston, Lucy, Sadie, Daisy, Bo and Coco.

I’d love to hear–what did you name your dog, and why?