I’m embarrassed to admit, but my dog Kelly still only comes when I call her about 50% of the time…when she feels like it. What are your dog’s behavioral challenges? Does he jump up on visitors at the door? Does she bark when left alone? Refuse to walk calmly on a leash? One solution for handling these issues is obedience classes. This is a great option, because it gets your dog out and around other dogs and in a new environment. In addition to typical classes, you can supplement with lessons and practice at home.

Dr. Ian Dunbar of Dogstar Daily hosted the British TV show Dogs with Dunbar. Now he’s tackling behavioral problems, socialization and obedience exercises on a Web-based companion dog training program, America’s Dog Trainer. Photograph above is of Rikke Broggard, one of the featured dog trainers.

According to the website, “America’s Dog Trainer or (ADT) is innovative because it features a different trainer each week and because today’s technology makes the program available worldwide 24 hours a day. So you can find the dog trainer (or trainers) that best suit your personality and goals and watch wherever or whenever you have the time or need. Solutions and educational entertainment are always just a click away.”

In an interview conducted by Dogstar Daily, Dr. Ian Dunbar says, “New technology gives us the opportunity to bring some of the best, most vibrant trainers we know to the public right now, and, on an affordable budget. By hosting the show on our very own website, Dog Star Daily, we’re not beholden to the rules and constrictions of traditional television producers, directors and program planners. Each trainer may present their episode exactly as they want it to be. And of course, there’s a huge advantage to web-TV. Whereas cable and network shows have a restricted local or national audience, the web-TV audience is worldwide and all the shows are archived and available to watch forever – anytime and anywhere. This makes education and entertainment so accessible. It allows us to bring the best and the brightest of dog trainers to dog lovers, no holds barred. This is the future of dog training – the new generation. It’s happening right before our eyes and I’m just so thrilled!

Check out America’s Dog Trainer webisodes for teaching your dog to fetch (not all dogs do this naturally!), special techniques for training big dogs, working with kids and dogs, introducing two dogs to each other, and more!