I’d like to introduce you to one of our amazing Featured Bloggers at Koly and Kelly’s K9Kamp (To meet another Featured Blogger, check out Kol’s Notes too!) And, keep reading to the end to find this week’s contest for Juniper Fetching sticks from Molly’s Products. Good luck!

Rescued Insanity
 Your name: Kristine
 Age: (or undisclosed!) 29
 Occupation: It’s a secret  oooh now you’ve got me curious!
 Favorite activity: Dog agility
 Favorite food: Cheese

Your dog’s name: Shiva
Breed: The question of the year! We really don’t know, but we’d love to
hear your best guess!  lab, bull terrier, hound, and ….??
Age: Three. Ish.
Favorite activity: Running off-leash at the dog park
Favorite food: Stinky fish

2. Tell us about your blog
My blog is primarily about my relationship with my rescue dog, Shiva, and our struggle to understand one another. From the very first day, life with her has not been easy.  But I love her to death even when I want to throttle her.  It’s a wonderful thing to not just love a dog, but to try to understand her too.

 3. Why did you decide to participate in Koly & Kelly’s K9 Kamp? Did your
dog urge you to sign up…or did you think your dog perhaps needed a little
 intervention? What are your goals for the Kamp?
I’ve been looking for ways to get more exercise for a long time now. But I
work 40 hours a week; 40 hours that my dog spends home alone. The idea of leaving her alone longer so I can go to the gym makes me feel incredibly
guilty. A few months ago I posted about wishing there was a way to combine
a workout for me with spending quality time with my dog. Our twice-daily
walks just aren’t cutting it. When I was contacted about K9 Kamp I leaped
at the opportunity! Glad you did!

My goals are simple: I hope to come up with some creative ways to exercise myself while having a great time with my dog.

 4. How would you rate your dog’s physical fitness? How would your dog rate yours?
Shiva is an athletic power horse. She was born to run, jump, dance, stand on her head, back flip, and pretty much anything else you could come up with. Dog agility keeps her in top shape and her fitness levels are disgustingly high. Okay…stand on her head…that I’ve got to see!

I would love to say my fitness levels are even half of what hers are but
that would be a lie. I do my best to keep up but I could definitely use a
boost. If you were to ask Shiva, she’d probably tell you all about how slow I am on the agility course.

5. What is your dog’s biggest fitness challenge?
My dog doesn’t have any fitness challenges. I wish I was joking but she really doesn’t. Unless you count her refusal to swim. But it’s not that she can’t swim, she just really dislikes deep water. We’re working on it.

6. How would you rate your dog’s diet? How would your dog rate yours?
Shiva’s diet is fairly good. We feed her pretty high quality dog food and most of her treats are homemade. She does tend to eat random garbage off the ground before I can catch her, well, a dog needs to have some fun, right? and she has a thing for hot dogs, but other than that I’d say she eats well. She’s definitely not picky and will scarf a carrot as quickly as she will a piece of meat.

My diet is… Less than stellar. We’ll just leave it at that.

 7. What is your dog’s biggest diet challenge?
Shiva is always hungry. Always. If she finds something that looks remotely edible, she will eat it, even if it will make her sick. Almost every walk we take involves me sticking my hand in her mouth to pull out something vile.BOL! Regardless, she hardly needs to lose weight. If anything, her biggest challenge is keeping the weight ON!

 8. Complete this sentence: In K9Kamp, my dog would be voted Most Likely To:  Design Her Own Challenge. Okay, maybe we’ll save the last one for her!
Thank you Kristine and Shiva!  Now let’s win some prizes!

Molly Product’s fetching sticks are made from the fragrant Juniper wood of Northern Arizona.  Each branch is cut to 10″ long, stripped of it’s bark to reveal the fragrant Juniper wood underneath, hand-sanded to remove protrusions & rough patches, then beveled at the end  These beautiful, hand crafted, eco-friendly play toys are ideally designed for outdoor entertainment for you and your pet!  The simple game “throw and fetch” brings relaxed fun and treasured time with your dog. 

Congratulations to last week’s Fetching Sticks winner, Kelly Ann T! 

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