Say hello to the new, svelte Kelly!

First, I wanted to say WELCOME to all who are visiting here after reading my December Guideposts article. I’m glad you stopped by, and hope you visit often. For those who haven’t seen the story, you can read The Doggy Diet here. The story is about Kelly and my struggles to lose weight. And our ultimate success, when we did it together.

As the story hits the presses, Kelly and I continue to do well on our diets. Okay, I have to admit to a few slip ups. I started sneaking her table scraps again. Just a little bit. What is it about her big, pleading eyes that turns me into a bucket of sap? Also, I figure if I’m eating something healthy, then the scraps must be healthy too, right? But deep down I know I need to stop. This is not a way to love her. As I wrote in the article, I’m showing her love when I take care of her health. And mine.

We’re still walking almost every day, but it’s getting cold here in New York. On a positive note, the cold helps increase our pace. A brisk walk (on one particularly chilly day this turned into a trot!) sure helps create body heat. Hopefully you will all motivate me to continue, even in the snow and ice, because I know Kelly needs it just as much as I. Just so I don’t forget, here is a picture of us before. Yikes!


Since then, Kelly’s lost 6 lbs, and I’ve lost more than 41. I’m so happy that we’ve come so far together. For great pictures of us “after” check out the Guideposts website. Kelly’s reached her goal, but I’m still hoping to lose about 20 lbs. Can I make it through the holidays?!

Most importantly, I’d love to hear from you! How do you manage to keep off the weight and stay motivated? As we know, maintaining the loss is probably the most difficult part. What tips do you have for Kelly? I’d love to hear from you, my new friends! Oh, and Kelly says thanks for all the nice comments about her hairdo. She was so exhausted when that “after” picture was taken, because the photographer had her out running in the park. She could barely stand up on her own four feet.

Tail’s End: Good habits are more fun to maintain when you’re in it with a friend…or a furry friend!