Could you relate to a woman who has lost her job, divorced her husband, is down on her luck, but loves dogs? This new book, Dogs Have Angels Too, by Sarah Cavallaro, is the tale of just such a woman, making her way through the dog-eat-dog world of recessionary New York City.

Miss Pink, a former marketing exec, finds solace by volunteering in an animal control center. Her “adoption walks” bring her to meet a series of fellow New Yorkers, all of whom are struggling with their own personal and financial crises.

I enjoyed reading a novel about the world of animal shelters and animal welfare, and the narrators passion for helping animals. In the end, the author shows how one woman with a vision is able to enlighten others and bring about change for the needy pups in her community.

Sarah Cavallaro is a filmmaker, poet and author. This is her second novel.