Faithful Friend Saves Woman’s Life by Performing the Heimlich

Debbie Parkhurt’s 2 year old golden retriever sensed danger, jumped to his paws and performed the Heimlich–or is that Heim-lick?
One afternoon last May, Debbie choked on a chunk of apple. She attempted to dislodge the apple by leaning over the back of a chair, but it didn’t work. “It was lodged pretty tight because I couldn’t breathe,” she said.
That’s when Toby lept to the rescue. Putting his paws on her shoulders, he pushed Debbie to the ground and jumped up and down on her chest. The apple was expelled.
Debbie has no idea how her pet knew what to do. “Of all the dogs in the world, I would never have expected this goofy one here to know the Heimlich.” She explained her pet is not the most well-trained dog in the world.

I have no doubt that our best friends have a sixth sense when it comes to protecting those they love. And we’d do the same for our dogs.
Has your dog performed an amazing rescue? I’d love to hear.