I’ve gathered together some of the cutest dogs I could find, set them on my scale, and recorded the results. I’m excited to present my video book trailer for Dieting with my Dog! You might recognize a few friends here:

In this video we have:
Maggie Mae
Shamus from This One Wild Life
Emmett (sorry I can’t find Emmett’s website. If you know it, send it to me and I’ll add it. Thanks!), some adoptable friends of Corbin from Homeward Bound Rescue, and Eddie, Bailey #1, Bailey #2, Jester, Ruby, Otto, Bertie and Kelly.

And don’t worry, Corbin’s coming up soon. We had so many cute dogs, we had to make a video part 2! Later, you’ll see Corbin, Levi Mac, and Emmett from This One Wild Life, and more friends from Homeward Bound..along with a lot of other adorable dogs.

We still have to wait a bit longer before the book will be available (although for those in the UK, it is released next week!) but in the meantime, I hope I hope you enjoy these adorable dogs (many of whom didn’t enjoy getting weighed.) And keep an eye out next month for Part 2!